Baguio massacre suspect sentenced to 5 life terms

>> Thursday, February 4, 2016

For repeatedly stabbing dead Kayang children 

BAGUIO CITY – A judge sentenced a massacre suspect here last week to five life sentences without parole.
Judge Mia Joy Cawed of Branch 4, Regional Trial Court here, meted five life sentences without parole in the absence of a death penalty in the country, to Phillip TolentinoAvino.
Avino was sentenced for the killing of five persons, including three minors, on April 6, 2014 inside an apartment here in Kayang-Hilltop.
“He (Avino) could have been given death for the brutal murder of the children but because the country has no death sentence, we can only give what the laws provide,” Cawed said.
Avino was sentenced to suffer reclusion perpetua without eligibility for parole in the five counts of murder filed against him.
On the evening of April 9, victims Jacqueline Nociete,19; her brother Joey, 5; Dave John de Guzman,7; Raymund del Mundo,9, and housemaid Jonalyn Lozano, were found dead with multiple stab wounds inside the rented apartment of VilmaNociete, mother of the two victims.
Based on autopsy, Nociete suffered 17 stab wounds on the chest and back, eight of which proved fatal; her brother Joey sustained 15 stab wounds in the back; De Guzman suffered eight stab wounds in the chest and back; Del Mundo five stab wounds in the back; and Lozano, 13 stab wounds in the neck, abdomen, chest, and back.
After the verdict was handed down, the father of Dave John de Guzman said: “ Masaya kami sa desisyon,pero hindi maisosoli ang buhay ng mga anaknamin, subalit sa desisyongito at nabigyan ng hustisya ay mapapanatag na ang aming kalooban.” (We are happy with the court’s decision.)
VilmaNociete, mother of two of the victims, became very emotional and was shouting outside the court room. Distraught that she could not even hit the suspect with her fists, she said: “Hindi man nyo kami pinalapit sa kanya. Hindi na niy amaibabalik ang buhay ng mga anak namin.” (You did not even let me go near him.)


Homicide case vs Sabangan bocap dismissed

SABANGAN, Mountain Province – A complaint against punong barangay MelchorBao-idang, jr. for reckless imprudence resulting to homicide was dismissed by the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office in the capital town of Bontoc.
Lydia Manid-ing, a day care worker, earlier filed criminal complaint against Bao-idang on Nov.  24, 2015 for the death of her son, YckirJunliManid-ing, on August 21, 2015 at SitioTala, Namatec at the height of Typhoon “Ineng”.
In her complaint she alleged that Bao-idang was responsible for her son’s death because his project that was awarded by the power firm HEDCOR to him for stonewalling/slope protection project along the road above her house was delayed and neglected by said respondent.
She alleged the respondent had the authority being the punong barangay to initiate the immediate preparation of the risky slope until it eroded due to heavy rains brought about by Typhoon “Ineng” that resulted to the death of her son.  
The investigating prosecutor however was not convinced to the proof presented to indict the respondent for the alleged crime.  
The prosecutor gave credence to the answer of the respondent in their resolution issued on Dec.  29, 2015 that Mani-ing’s child died due to a landslide that hit the house of the complainant at the height of Typhoon Ineng at around 4 a.m. of August 21, 2015.
The mud and stones came from the Tabbac road just above the house of complainant and that of respondent which are adjacent to each other.
The heavy downpour of rain and its accompanying strong winds caused the slope below the day-care center to collapse, blocking the drainage and portions of the road, and with boulders, stones, soil and mud carried from the road on the upper elevation, the water changed course and hit the house of the complainant.
Stones and mud likewise hit the outside toilet of respondent’s house severing attachment with the house and moved it a meter away.
 The prosecutor said they are not impermeable to the complainant’s theory that had respondent constructed programmed-polylith  at the roadside soil erosion occurred or had not stockpiled stones thereat, this portion would not have been eroded, but this particular soil erosion was not proximate legal cause of questioned death, rather, Typhoon ineng was it.
Proximate legal cause is defined as “acting first and producing the injury, either immediately or by setting other events in motion, all constituting a natural and continuous chain of events, each having close causal connection with its immediate predecessor, the final event in chain immediately affecting the injury as a natural and probable result of cause which first acted, under such circumstances that the person responsible for the first event should, as an ordinary prudent and intelligent person, have reasonable ground to expect at the moment of his act or default that an injury to some person might probably result therefrom.”
The prosecutor, in dismissing the case, said not entrenched were reckless imprudence’s elements, rendering thus unfulfilled both substantive and procedural requirements.
These elements are 1.) The offender does or fails to do an act; 2.) The doing of or the failure to do that act is voluntary; 3.) It be without malice; 4.) Material damage results;  5.) There is inexcusable lack of precaution on the part of offender, taking into consideration: a. his employment or occupation; b. degree of intelligence, physical condition; and c. other circumstances regarding persons, time and place. In this instance, only third and fourth elements are present. Victim’s death resulted from accident not intentional.
When asked about his reaction to the outcome of the case and if he will be filing a counter-charge against the complainant, he said that he was contemplating to file a case against Manid-ing.
However he is thinking otherwise because his relatives and in-laws are advising him to put it as just one bad experience being a barangay official.
Manid-ing is in grief for losing her son and I won’t be adding more to it. “What really pisses me off on this case is that all the while that I was busy researching on how to help the complainant file a claim against HEDCOR or the Sta Clara international Corp. because it is their project and have introduced widening on the road in order that their heavy equipment can pass , I did not know that I was the one being pointed upon as the culprit instead and I heard that there are people close to HEDCOR and HEDCOR personnel who are giving assistance to Manid-ing to file the case against me”. Bao-idang said.

When asked about the result of his research, he said, “Ms. Manid-ing can claim over a million plus other benefits because her house was wiped out and even lost her son,  HEDCOR cannot resist because it would be the whole community against the company.”


8 doctors vie for BSU presidency

By Rocky Ngalob

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet -- Though forbidden to cheer to maintain formal forum, applause and cheers echoed walls of Benguet State University (BSU) gymnasium here as eight applicants for the vacated position of president presented their vision, mission and goals for the University in public forum here last week.   
The eight applicants are doctors Grace Bengwayan, Feliciano Calora Jr., Felipe Comila, Nieves Dacyon, Dominador Garin, Percyveranda Lubrica, Janet Luis and Diosdado Zulueta.
Then University president Ben Ladilad vacated the executive position for early retirement from service.
The Commission on Education then appointed BSU vice president of business affairs Dr. Jones Feleciano as officer in charge president and from there on the BSU executive position was opened to aspirants.
Most applicants mentioned renovating sports facilities like the decades old track oval which earned a loud applause from the students.
One mentioned paving the track oval with rubber while others declared adding a sports swimming pool for the students benefit.
Applicants also mentioned personnel development not only among teaching personnel but non-teaching as well. The gym erupted with cheers when one applicant said, “I will see to it that most, if not all personnel will be given the chance to go overseas for benchmarking”.
Indigenous students stood and lauded one applicant when she mentioned IP researches and programs to be integrated in the University’s agenda. Recognizing the need of an IP University in the country, this applicant said that she will establish BSU as the first IP University in the country.
Delegations from the BSU external campuses hailed one the female applicant when she mentioned of transforming BSU Bokod and Buguias to technical and vocational campuses to cater the needs of the far flung communities of Benguet and its nearby municipalities, “we bring technical and vocational course closer to these less privileged communities of Benguet”, she said.
“To further disseminate BSU researches to our main benefactors, the farmers, we need to erect our own radio station which will not focus on broadcasting researches but to gather queries from the marginalized agricultural sector as well”, said by another applicant which was lauded by the University researchers and farmer attendees.
In line to the research and extension function contributing beyond the University walls, one applicant mentioned foreseeing the municipality of LaTrinad as the ‘Science Municipality’ if not ‘Science City’ in the Cordillera, in which the beating heart will be BSU.    
Applicants highlighted climate change mitigation and environment protection in their University Mission. Most of them cited the restoration of the Balili River as their springboard towards their climate change mitigation programs.
Applicants also where all in a chorus, saying that they will uphold the University’s original ‘Student First’ policy.
Though momentarily stalled due to the power interruption, all of the applicants were able to answer the questions coming from both the audiences and University representatives. Most applicants support the pleas coming from the non-teaching sector for their representation in the Board of Regents.
On the University Land Use Plan, a question coming from the Alumni Association, most of them stated sobriety and let the law takes it course. Others however mentioned having a dialogue between the informal settlers in settling land disputes and that filing of legal suits should be the least option.
The OIC President, Jones Feleciano closed the forum bidding his ‘good lucks’ to all of the applicants as he looks forward in working with whoever will be choosen as the next University President.
From the eight applicants, it will shortlisted to four by the search by the search committee composed of Dr. Emerlinda Roman, Dr. Louisa Pladio, Dr. Romulo Malvar, Gerry Lab-Oyan, Atty. Benjamin Sapitula, MerelynDela Cruz and PatselynBotiwey.

After the short listing, the four applicants will be forwarded to the board of regents. From there, the board will be voting for the next BSU president.


7 abducted P’sinan teenagers rescued

ALAMINOS CITY, Pangasinan – Seven minors earlier reported missing, and reportedly abducted for sale of their body parts,were rescued by the police with the help of civilian volunteers Monday.
Supt. Ferdinand De Asis, spokesperson of Pangasinan Provincial Police bared this sayingAlaminos police proceeded to a location in Barangay Pogo and rescued the minors, aged 14 to 17.
They were then being held by Christina Reyes, 46, and her son Christian,22, both residents of Barangay San Roque.
The minors were reported missing last Jan. 23. Distraught parents sought assistance from neighbors and barangay officials and watchmen who fortunately got information on the whereabouts of the minors and tipped off the police.
Police found the minors huddled inside a cabinet and a vacant room.
Parents of the teenagers said they feared that their children may have been abducted by members of a syndicate involved in the sale of human organs and body parts.

The suspects, caught by surprise by the raiding police team, were brought to the municipal police station for further questioning while appropriate charges were readied against them.


Patient jumps off 5th floor of Baguio General Hospital

Depressed transient agent 

BAGUIO CITY -- A patient of the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC), believed to be suffering from depression,  committed suicide here Jan. 23 by jumping from the fifth floor of the building.
Senior Supt. George Daskeo, officer-in-charge of the Baguio City Police Office, bared this saying Eric Punla Munoz, 37, a transient agent and resident of Barangay SaludMitra of this city, jumped from the hospital’s lobby and died instantly from injuries to the body.
Daskeo said the victim was admitted earlier that day for pneumonia. He was accompanied by Edison Punla and Marlon Panelo but he later told them to leave him so they could have lunch.
A nurse on-duty said she saw the victim go out of his room and proceeded to the hospital lobby of the fifth floor from where he jumped.
Another suicide incident was recorded by BCPO Monday when HersonBasco Garcia, a household helper, was found hanging by the neck at No. 279 Wood Lane Barangay Loakan-Liwanag.
The incident was reported at the police at about 6 p.m. by Reynaldo Ronidel who said that the victim went missing as early as 9 a.m. until they found him dead.
The victim was brought to BGHMC for medical treatment but was pronounced dead by the attending physician.

The victim’s cadaver was transferred to the Baguio Memorial Chapel.


La Union, Tarlac poll bets sign peace pact

Candidates seeking local positions in La Union and Tarlac have signed peace covenants to strictly observe election laws and maintain peace and order.
In San Fernando City, La Union, the signing, was held Jan 22 at Don Mariano Marcos State University. It was preceded by a unity walk in which the candidates, their families and supporters took part.
“This is to remind the candidates and the electorate of our advocacy for clean, honest, accurate, meaningful and peaceful elections,” Fr. Manuel Jason Ragel of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting said.
Provincial election supervisor Joel Gines said the candidates should follow the covenant in order to attain safe and orderly elections.
La Union police director Senior Superintendent AngelitoDumangeng said the covenant would boost their campaign for safe and fair elections. 
In Tarlac, local candidates signed peace covenant Tuesday.
Officials of the Commission on Elections (Comelec), Department of the Interior and Local Government, Philippine National Police, Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting, Northern Luzon Command, community-based organizations, media, students and religious groups attended the signing held in front of the San Sebastian Cathedral.
The peace accord is a “unified pledge… contending political parties and candidates vowed to shun violence and political rivalry,” said Senior Superintendent AllexSintin, Tarlac police director.
Fernando Cot-om,Comelec  supervisor for Tarlac, reminded candidates to abide by the rules of the electoral process.

“These include the submission of the statement of contributions and expenses and posting of tarpaulins in designated places only,” Cot-om said.


Japanese royals urged: Visit Ifugao,

IFUGAO Representative Teddy Brawner Baguilat has invited Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko to visit Ifugao to complete the healing of the relationship between the Philippines and Japan, former combatants during World War II.
Baguilat said Ifugao figured prominently during the last world war with remains of Japanese soldiers still being found today, thus a visit by the Japanese royals would go a long way in promoting healing and goodwill between the two nations.
It was in the town of Kiangan where on Sept. 2, 1945, Tomoyuki Yamashita, Supreme Commander of the Japanese Imperial Army, surrendered to Filipino and American forces, thus marking the end of World War II. 
The Kiangan War Memorial Shrine was erected in 1974 to mark the occasion of the surrender of Yamashita, with his command staff, at the Home Economics building of the Kiangan Central School. From Ifugao, he was brought the next day to Camp John Hay in Baguio City where he officially signed the surrender of the Japanese Imperial Forces to the Philippines.
Sept. 2 is commemorated in Ifugao every year as Victory Day and also became known as the Anniversary of the End of World War II in the Philippines. 
Baguilat said that with the 60th anniversary of normalized diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Japan, it would be fitting for Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko to bring their message of peace to Ifugao, where the last battles of World War II were waged.
“We would like them to come and see where war ended, and promote healing and goodwill between our two nations. They would also be pleased to see that the former enemies are now firm partners in development,” said Baguilat.
He shared that significant overseas development assistance funds have gone to Ifugao.
Among the major projects are a maternal health improvement program, mini-hydro infrastructure deals and a multi-million-peso reforestation project.
“The emperor will see that the funds from the Japanese people are being used well and have had a positive impact on the province,” said Baguilat.
The Japanese royals are set to arrive on Jan. 26 as part of their peace mission in Asia. The visit marks the first time that a Japanese emperor and empress will visit the Philippines.

During their visit, the Japanese royals are scheduled to meet with beneficiaries of Japanese ODA as well as visit World War II memorial sites. Baguilat hopes that even at the last minute, the Japanese royals would find the time and see the need to travel to Ifugao.


5 carjackers dead in Nueva Ecija shootout

By Mar T. Supnad and Manny Galvez

MUNOZ CITY, Nueva Ecija  — Five armed men who had just stolen a tricycle in Talavera town, shot it out with police manning a Commission on Elections  checkpoint here in Barangay Sapang Cauayan, before dawn Monday and ended up dead.
Chief Supt. Rudy Lacadin, Police Regional Office 3 (PRO-3) director, said
the five slain men were each armed with .38-caliber revolvers when they engaged checkpoint police in a gun battle at 3 a.m.
Alfredo Parira Jr., 50, a resident of Navotas City, and a certain Harvey, 35, of Tondo died at the scene, said Senior Supt. Manuel Coronel, Nueva Ecija police director.
The other slain suspects have yet to be identified.
Initial investigation disclosed by Supt. Ponciano Zafra, the city police chief, said the gunmen crashed their vehicles – a tricycle and a motorcycle – into the checkpoint signs and opened fire at the lawmen.
Zafra said they received reports that a black Kawasaki Bajaj tricycle had been stolen in nearby Barangay Bakal in Talavera town around 30 minutes before the incident.
 Zafra said the suspects, who drove past the checkpoint in the stolen tricycle, did not pull over. They rammed a pole barrier and traded shots with police.
Bullets and bullet shells for a .45 caliber pistol were recovered at the scene.
“The black Kawasaki Bajaj tricycle used by robbers was confirmed to be stolen and owned by one Macariodela Cruz,” Zafra said.
Later, it was learned that the tricycle was reported stolen from MacarioDela Cruz, a tricycle driver and village watchman in Barangay Bakal 3, Talavera.

Zafra lauded his men who figured in the shootout although lamented that their Toyota Innova patrol car had been riddled by bullets.



Jeep driver detained or forcible abduction
LAGAWE, Ifugao – A public utility jeep driver was arrested here last week for forcible abduction. Insp. Juliet B. Nalidong, OIC police chief identified the suspect as Rodante N. Dimoclo, 23, driver of Banaue-Bayombong route. The victim’s name was withheld since she was a minor. Dimoclo was detained at the provincial jail in  Tiger Hill, Kiangan town  on order of the court.
Earlier, Marlon B. Bandao, barangay captain of Tungngod told police on Jan. 17 the suspect abducted the minor making cops led by  Insp. Reynaldo B. Timmango, deputy police chief to  proceed to Bayuccan where they interviewed the victim. A pursuit operation resulted to the arrest of the suspect at SitioAnggacan, Nayon, Lamut town.

2 drug peddlers draw life in jail
BAGUIO CITY -- Two drug personalities were sentenced to suffer  life term in jail after being convicted by a local court for selling 4.7 kilograms of marijuana to a Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) undercover agent in 2013.
PDEA-Cordillera Director Juvenal Azurin identified the convicts as Melchor Martin Lagadeo and Kenneth SagasaLagadeo, who were found guilty of drug peddling by the court last January 18.
The duo were arrested in a buy-bust operation on July 9, 2013 at Lourdes Grotto, here, and then charged with violating Section 5 (sale of illegal drugs), Article II of Republic Act No. 9165, the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.
In its decision, the court did not give credence to their defense of denial and frame-up.
“These defenses, like alibi, have been viewed with disfavor by our courts for being easily concocted and are used as a common defense ploy in most prosecutions for violation of the Dangerous Drugs Act due perhaps to the rotten reputation of narcotics agents. But for such defense to prosper, the evidence must be clear and convincing,” the court ruled.
Apart from their jail term, the court ordered the two to pay a fine of P1 million.

Ex-village chief gunned down
TUGUEGARAO CITY– A former barangay chairman was gunned down in Cagayan on Thursday.
Eugenio Calixto, 80, was buying cigarettes at a store in Barangay Calantac in Alcala town when an unidentified man on a motorcycle shot him.
Police are looking at land dispute as the motive for the killing.  – Raymund Catindig 

CIDG arrest 29 men in Region 3 for guns, shabu
CAMP OLIVAS, Pampanga — The Criminal Investigation and Detection Groups’ (CIDG’s) “Oplan Big Berta and Paglalansag” collared  16 more persons and confiscated from them guns and “shabu” in Zambales while a buy-bust operation by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Region 3 netted 13 suspected drug pushers in this province, Monday.
In Zambales, Senior Supt. Benjamin Silo, Jr., CIDG director for Central Luzon, said the series of operations last Friday resulted in the arrest of 15 suspects in New Kalalaki, Olongapo City and confiscated from them five grams of shabu and a .38-caliber revolver.
In Gerona, Tarlac, former Police Officer 2 Rodel Cortez Domacia was arrested in Barangay Tablang for yielding drugs during a search of his home ordered by the court, said Silo, quoting a report from Chief Inspector Angelo Nicolas.
Meanwhile, intelligence officers of the Provincial Police Office (PPO) conducted a one-time-big-time buy-bust operation with the PDEA-3 and the Police Regional Office 3 (PRO3), resulting in the arrest of 13 suspects in Barangay San Rafael, Guagua, Pampanga.
Chief Inspector Michael BañagaMasangkay, PPO intelligence chief, identified the suspects as Robert “Bogart” G. Ocampo, 32; Erlinda J. Infante, 26; Rowena R. Medina, 44; Naim Nazer Rushnia, 18; Irene P. Fajardo, 36; Marissa N. Matito, 36;  Nicanor P. Lacsa, 37; Aldrin N. Javier, 37; Mario P. Sulit, 35; Nestor Gutierres, 52; “Louie,” a minor; Josilito P. Lacsa, 36; and EmerlitoLejardeGatus, 37.
Confiscated from the suspects were 17 pieces of small size heat sealed transparent plastic sheets (including the subject of scale), and the marked money used in the buy-bust operation. – Mar Supnad, Franco Regala

2 dead, 1 hurt in motorcycle crashes
TUGUEGARAO CITY – Two persons recently died while an Army soldier was seriously injured in separate vehicular accidents in Nueva Vizcaya and Isabela.
Marlon Garo Jr., 21, died at the scene after his motorcycle collided with a bus driven by Johnny Borja, 55, in Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya at around noon.
Case investigator Police Officer 3 RenzyYarcia said Garo tried to overtake another vehicle in Barangay  Baretbet.
Garo’s passenger, Pfc. Ronald Tawagon, 37, was taken to the PLT Hospital in Solano town where he was reported to be in critical condition.
Responding police officers arrested Borja.
In Isabela, farmer Jerry Villanueva, 49, died when his motorcycle collided with a cart in Echague town.
Villanueva was driving at top speed when he figured in the accident in Barangay Pangal Sur, according to Chief Inspector Gerald Gamboa, town police chief.
The victim was thrown from his motorcycle. – RaymundCatindig

3 apprehended for Comelec gun ban violation in Kalinga
TABUK CITY, Kalinga –- Three persons were apprehended in separate operations in the province for violation of the Commission on Elections gun ban that took effect  Jan. 10.
Provincial Election Supervisor Dexter Barry Cawis identified gun ban violators as George Balawag, David Cuaresma and Regie Guimpalong. The three are now under police custody while proper charges are being prepared against them.
Comelec imposed the gun ban under the prohibited acts during the election period from January 10 to June 8 as part of efforts to assure peaceful and orderly elections on May 9, 2016. Violators of the gun ban may get a penalty of one to six years imprisonment.      
During the imposition period of the gun ban, there is temporary suspension of permit- to- carry guns issued to gun holders, except those who were granted exemption by COMELEC Head Office.
Even members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines who are off-duty are covered under the gun ban, Cawis noted.  
He  again reminded police officers inspecting motorists and public utility vehicles to observe high courtesy and be guided by the “plain view principle”, which does not provide for any search unless circumstances legally warrant.
On the part of public, Cawis appealed for cooperation during police inspection explaining this is part of COMELEC measures to ensure peaceful and orderly conduct of the May 9 synchronized elections. -- Larry T. Lopez

Helper commits suicide 
BAGUIO CITY – A certain HersonBasco Garcia, native of Camarines Sur was found hanging with a shoe lace tied on his neck Monday around 11 a.m. at his residence No. 279 Wood Lane Loakan-Liwanag. Police said Reynaldo A. Ronidel reported the incident to them. Neighbors said the victim’s co-workers were looking for him starting 9 a.m. that day at their workplace where he worked as helper. The victim was brought to Baguio General Hospital for medical treatment but was pronounced dead by attending physician. The victim’s cadaver was transferred to Baguio Memorial Chapel.

Village chief faces rapsfor poll gun ban violation
TUGUEGARAO CITY – Police have launched a manhunt for a barangay chairman in Aparri, Cagayan for violating the election gun ban.
An M16 rifle and a shotgun were recovered from a well in the backyard of Cynold Pigao when police raided his residence in Barangay Paruddun Sur on Tuesday, said Chief Inspector Rafael Pagaliluan, Aparri police chief. – RaymundCatindig

Vintage bomb found 
PUDTOL, Apayao -- A vintage bomb measuring 28 inches and 5 inches in diameter was found by residents of Barangay Mataguisi here about 9 a.m. of
Jan. 25. The bomb is now under the custody of Pudtol police.

Farmer’s bungalow gutted by fire
ATOK, Benguet -- The bungalow house of a certain Anna CouiticDodon, 56, farmer was gutted by fire here about 9:30 Monday here at Barangay Topdac Proper. Policed and firemen tried to put out the fire to no avail.According to the owner, they left their house  about 8 a.m. that day but were informed later by their neighbors about the incident around 10 a.m. The house was made of combustible light materials and had no power line connection. No person was injured. The cause of fire is still unknown.

3 men jailed for poisoning dog 
TABUK CITY, Kalinga – Three men were jailed here Monday for poisoning a dog which died later and were charged for violation of Animal Welfare Act.The dog owner reported to police the incident in Barangay San Juan, Bulanao. The owner of the dog named as Archie Delen Balbino said suspects fled towards south direction on board a tricycle. Follow-up operation resulted to the arrest of three suspects identified as  Daryl Diwayan Paga, 20;  Edison Galanto Paga, 19 and Babbage Banya-o Dumaguing, 19, all residents of Tabuk City, Kalinga.
Confiscated from the suspects were DupontLannate (poison), a hotdog, a kilo of sugar, coffee, diaper, and the tricycle used. The owner also presented to police the dead dog believed to be poisoned by the suspects.

Young man arrested for murder 
TABUK CITY, Kalinga – Police arrested here a young man Jan. 21 for murder after arrest warrant was issued against him by Judge Marcelino K. Wacas of Regional Trial Court, Second Judicial Region, Branch 25, Bulanao, Tabuk City.
Police identified the suspect as Martes D. Mosling, 22 of Basao, Dilag, Tabuk. He was nabbed around 9 a.m. here at General Luna Street, Casigayan by local cops.

Lady separated from husband nabbed for estafa
STA. LUCIA, Ilocos Sur – A 49-year-old lady who was separated from her husband was nabbed here Jan. 21 for estafa. A police report identified the suspect as LorelieHaducaVergara, here of SitioKalaokan, Barangay San Juan.
Aresting cops came from Baguio and Sta. Lucia.
The arrest was made by virtue of a warrant issued by Judge Maria LigayaItliong Rivera of RTC Branch 5, Baguio for estafa who set bail of P300.00. Vergara is now detained at the Baguio City Jail.

Young man cornered for rape
BANGUED, Abra – Cops arrested a certain Lawrence BilledoDucayag, 21 here at Barangay Sappa-ac for rape.  A warrant for his arrest was earlier issued by Judge CorpuzAlzate, Regional Trial Court ,Bangued for the crime with no bail recommended.

Miner nabbed for high-grading
TUBA, Benguet – A small scale miner was nabbed here Monday at Barangay Tuding for high-grading. The suspect was identified by police as NardoWaisBenis, 34, married, of Barangay Upper Camp.
The arrest was made following warrant issued against him by Judge Jose Encarnacion, MTC, Itogon, Benguet who recommended bail of P10,000 for his temporary liberty. Benis was brought to Itogon police station after which he was brought to court where he posted bail.

Man nabbed for violation of RA 9262 
LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Police arrested Jefferson Reyes Gay, 26, resident of Ciudad Grande, Bakakeng, Baguio City here Monday around 10 p.m. along km 5 for violation of Republic Act 9262.
The arrest was made by virtue of a warrant issued by Judge Rufus Malecdan Jr., of RTC Branch 9, La Trinidad, Benguet. Bail was set at P80,000. Subject person was brought to Tuba for documentation before he was turned over to the court.
Itogon town church, residential house burned 
ITOGON, Benguet – A church and neighboring residential house were burned here at Barangay Tuding about 10 a.m. Monday. Police said one Jennie Ann Capsuyen, of PurokSibal, Tuding, reported to police saying the Bethesda Ministry Church was on fire.
Responding personnel of Itogon police and Bureau of Fire Protection of Baguio City and Benguet, volunteer fire groups responded contained the fire at around 2:45 p.m. that day. Accordingly, the fire started at the left portion of the building and spread quickly and eventually burned the whole church, staff quarter, clinic, and dormitory. No casualty was recorded during the incident. Estimated cost of damage is P40,000,000. Case is under investigation.
Back hoe, driver, plunge down ravine
TUBLAY, Benguet – A back hoe plunged down a ravine here around 1 a.m. Wednesday along Km. 14 Caponga, Tublay town re4sulting to injuries of the dirver identified as Arnold Tolding, 43, resident of Betag, La Trinidad town.
Investigation disclosed the driver was about to park the back hoe when the soil eroded causing the vehicle to slip and rolled down the ravine. Rescuers brought Tolding to Benguet General Hospital for treatment. 

 Driver dead, another hurt in vehicle collision
TAYUM, Abra – Driver of a tricycle and motorcycle suffered serious injuries but one died later when their vehicles collided here around 9:40 p.m., Monday along road at Barangay Deet. Police said the Yamaha tricycle was driven by Clarence Daria Molina, 23, while Yamaha motorcycle was driven by Felix Efren Morales Escalante, 23, both residents of Barangay Poblacion here.
Investigation disclosed the vehicles collided at ascending portion of the road. Responding police brought Escalante to Saint James Hospital but died later during treatment, while Molina was brought to Abra Provincial Hospital where he is recovering. Both vehicles are under the custody of Tayum police.

Case set against woman for peeping in  man’s bedroom 
BAGUIO CITY – Police reported a case of alleged trespass to dwelling and unjust vexation at the 4th floor of Nemos Building, Kayang Hilltop here Monday on  complaint of Butch Quilli Sib-At, 41, businessman, who was occupying an apartment against MyleneLadip Aquino, whose residence was at 2nd of same building. Investigation disclosed complainant was lying on his bedroom when the suspect partly opened the door and peeped without complainant’s consent. Accordingly, the suspect instructed the complainant to take all his personal belongings out of the room and leave. While complainant was dressing up, he reportedly heard the suspect directing her companion to bring out the complainant’s personal belongings prompting him to immediately go out to stop them from doing so. As a consequence, some of his personal belongings were damaged. The complainant claimed that he confronted the suspect in a nice manner but the latter continued saying unsavory words that defamed and put him to shame  in front of many people watching them.

21 wanted persons nabbed in a week 
LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Some 21 top wanted persons were arrested in the Cordillera last week..
Among the arrested were five listed in the top most wanted persons first quarter of 2016.
Baguio cops arrested the No. 10 TMWP identified as Bong Estacio Mejia, 56,  for deceit6 and three listed as No. 4 TMWP  namely Roman Gabriel Ticuan Pitilan, 18, for robbery with violence;   Angeline Maliones y Abalos a.k.a. Angie Maliones, 45 was arrested for estafa  while Rose Espiritu y Arizo, 56 was also arrest ed for deceit.
Jaime Puyao Sr., of Mountain Province was also arrested in his residence in BunotParacelis.  Mt. Province . Sixteen other wanted persons for cases of murder, acts of lasciviousness and estafa were separately arrested.

Carpenter’s motorcycle stolen in Lagawe
LAGAWE, Ifugao – A certain Edwin Pallat Cabbigat, 36, carpenter of Poblacion, South, reported to police that his Rusi 110 motorcycle, without plate number was allegedly taken by still unidentified suspect between night of Jan. 23 while parked un attended along Plaza Street, Poblacion South. Police are still truying to determine identity of the thief and location of the motorcycle.

Jollibee service crew swindled of P1,000
BAGUIO CITY – A service crew member of Jollibee Fastfood along Bonifacio street here was swindled of P1,000 by a man Monday around 1:12 p.m. Police identified the victim was identified as Jaiven Tino Suguitan, 19,  here of Cypress Irisan.
Investigation disclosed the suspect ordered iced tea worth P43.00 and handed over a P1,000 bill for the payment. The victim asked for a lesser bill but the suspect claimed that he did not have any. While the victim was preparing for the change, suspect told him that he has P50 bill and handed it over. The victim gave the P1,000  bill to the suspect who claimed that he only received P100 bill prompting the victim to take the P100 bill from the suspect’s possession and changed it with P1,000 bill. The suspect left the place. An emergency counter cut-off was made to account the sale collection and the P1,000 deficit was found out.

Unemployed man’s body found dead inside house 
RIZAL, Kalinga – Relatives discovered the body of Rodolfo M. Pukin, 58, unemployed of  Babalag West, Rizal was discovered inside his residence herelifeless Monday around 9 a.m. A certain RanolPukin 40, administrative aide of Rizal Breeding Station, Rizal, Kalinga reported police that time that day, Alinung Pukin Jr. and Jose Jambaro went to the house of the victim to transact business. They knocked at the door and call for the attention of  RodolfPukin. No one responded so they checked the door and windows but but found these were locked, prompting them to call Chester P. Masangkay, 30, son-in law and neighbor of the victim. They forced to open the door and  saw the lifeless body of the victim inside the comfort room lying on the floor with blood on his head.
Dr. Brendalyn Sebastian, municipal health officer, said the victim died due to cerebrovascular accident. 

Firearms and ammunition confiscated in Abra towns
 LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Police confiscated several firearms and ammunitions in Abra, recently.
In Lagayan, Abra the houses of Ernelito Aguilar Pariñas in Poblacion, Sergen Martinez Rodillo,  Renato Aguilar Blaza were raided where guns and bullets of different caliber were confiscated.
In La Paz, the residence of AldrinBaggayTuzon in Barangay Ben-Ben, La Paz, Abra resulted in  seizure of Cal. 38 revolver without ammunition and markings.
 The other six search warrants yielded negative result.
This, as a certain Velasquez Jr., voluntarily surrendered two long magazines and three short magazines for Cal 5.56 mm containing 98 bullets in Lagayan. 
Pariñas, Rodillo and Tuzon along with the confiscated firearms and items are now under custody of concerned police stations. 
Chief Supt. Ulysses J. Abellera, acting Cordillera police director, said the arrests were part of OplanLambatSibat, a police program to stoip proliferation of illegal guns and bullets and arrest gun holders having these.
He urged the public to provide information regarding unscrupulous and illegal activities through social media -Twitter-@RDPROCordillera or Facebook Page- PioProcor, or through the following numbers: Complaint Referral - 09174297628; Regional Tactical Operation Center (074) 422-5515; 09175302679/ 09285591669. 


Tarlac cops nab ex- cop for illegal drugs

By Nelson Bolos

PANIQUI, Tarlac -- From law enforcer to law-breaker.
The Tarlac Criminal Investigation and Detection Group here arrested a former policeman for involvement in illegal drugs.
Former PO2 Rodel Cortez Domacia was apprehended at his residence in Barangay Tablang here after a court-issued Search Warrant was served.
According to PCInsp Angelo Nicolas, “we have been closely monitoring the activities Domacia because of persistent reports that he is into illegal drugs”.
Domacia is a former cop of this town’s police station but in 2013 he was found positive of drug use in a random drug test of police personnel along with PO3 Emmerson Garcia.
When the result of the police random drug test was released, Domacia went on Absence-Without-Official-Leave (AWOL) and was consequently dismissed from the service.
He was reported to have hidden somewhere in Ilocos for several months.
Garcia, on the other hand, was arrested in a buy-bust in Gerona town in possession of  more than 13 grams of shabu.
“He must have been warned of our operation that’s why he was able to ‘clean’ his house but it is good he did not resist arrest”, said Nicolas who personally led the raid on the house of Domacia.

Three live ammunitions and drug paraphernalia, including several pieces of used aluminum foils with drug residue, where seized from Domacia’s house.


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